Sunday, June 25, 2017

25/06/17 - Alice & Js


To the question " What would you consider to be the secrets of a good outfit ? ", Alice has replied :

" I think it's mixing the different fashion trends and personalising them while finding your own style. And then, you have to dare, not be afraid to try things and to feel good about yourself, because the attitude is very important !" 

If I had to use a word to qualify Alice & Js's fashion style I'd say e d g y
I think that their duo marvellously work notably because they manage to create harmonious looks with combinations of pieces that you wouldn't even have think of : that's a French couple from Paris that you must follow !



25/06/17 - Jordan


To the question " What do you think creates style ? ", Jordan has replied :

" I think that style is not about clothes or about luxury, because you can buy relatively expensive clothes and once you wear them you just look like "anyone". To me, style corresponds to the art of knowing how to distinguish yourself in any ways, style is fashion seen by yourself, it has to be individual. We can own the exact same clothes and all wear them differently, so it's this way of exteriorising our personality that creates our style. "

I love the finesse and genius with whom Jordan develops his daring fashion style : patterns on patterns, pink pieces, all beige look, unique combinations whcih mark the unique identity of his style ! 


25/06/17 - Chloe


Chloe's outfits are always so chic and extremely elegant, she makes such original and unique combinations in her looks, which is so inspiring ! In addition, it's a real pleasure to follow her on Instagram and on her blog as she is such a nice and funny person !



25/06/17 - Zoe


To the question " What do you think creates style ? ", Zoé has replied :

" For me, style is a number of things : clothes are a big part of it, but what especially matters is the way we wear them, our attitude, and what they reflect of ourselves. Each piece of an outfit reveals something different depending on who we are. What creates style and I think is cool is that it's a personal thing, which belongs to the person who wears their outfit, but also to the persons who are going to see this outfit and interpret the style. Finally, I'd say that from the moment we feel good in our clothes, we can conclude that we've found our own style. "

Zoé is a lovely model who rocks a vintage tomboyish fashion style, still with a feminine touch !