FashionAnarkist is a blog which consists of featuring, on the same website, girls and boys with the most unique and original fashion styles on the internet : bloggers, instagramers or simple fashion lovers. It shares pictures of their looks and tells you where to find those different persons on social networks. In addition, some of them also share what they consider to be their definition of style, or fashion.  The blog can thus become a place of new discoveries to follow, a place of inspirations for your own looks.

Also, FashionAnarkist is back since the 4th of May 2017. Indeed, I had created this concept 5 years ago (November 2012) but I had to do a break due to my studies. It's back today, and each day, there is a new fashion style to discover on the blog. 

FashionAnarkist can also be a place where you can share your own style ! 
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