"Why the name "FashionAnarkist" ?"

Because what I precisely like about fashion is that it truly enables us to express our personalities as we want to. With your outfits, you're free to break the codes of fashion in order to adapt them to your mood, your tastes, your desires, in other words : you're free to be a fashion anarchist. I chose this name because it's this idea that I want to showcase, the idea of having your own style.

"Do all the people who appear on the blog know they are featured in it ?"

Yes, all of the persons who appear on FA have been asked the authorisation before, or have sent an email to appear on the blog.

"How do you choose the persons for your blog ?"

As I said in the tab "How to join the blog ?", no matter where people come from or how famous they are, as long as they have a singular style or a fashion style that seems to express their personality, I would like to share them on the blog, firstly for the love of style and also because they can always be a source of inspiration for people who don't know what to wear for instance ! 

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